Castle of Dr. Brain Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
First screen
Math puzzle
The castle entrance
Shape-matching puzzle
Math puzzle
The clock room
The first elevator maze
The second floor hallway
The computer room
Guide the little robot through the maze by activating signals that cause it to turn right at intersections.
A programmable robot and yet another maze await you in the room at the end of the hall.
At this difficulty level, the positioning screen is blank.
The language hall
The puzzle room is, in effect, a jigsaw puzzle.
The dummy knows the combination to the cabinet lock.
The space-themed elevator maze leads up into the tower.
Proceed by locating four constellations on the sky dome.
Dr. Brain's office looks even tackier than I expected.
Title screen (EGA)
Solve the musical puzzle to open the door (EGA)
The hourglass puzzle - I really like the interesting design of the bigger one.
Set the clock to the correct time, based on when the cards were used before (pretty much an intelligence test puzzle).
Task 1: deduce which robot tells the truth. Task 2: choose a robot head, a robot hand and use them to get items from a simple maze - a very fun puzzle.
A jigsaw puzzle! :) Get pieces from the chest and put them in the right places.
Match aliens with their homes - some are really interesting and look really beautiful.
The planetarium after the monolith has appeared - a clear hint to "Space Odyssey".
The screen flashes like this when you enter the monolith.
Looking forward to "The Island of Dr. Brain"!