Castles II: Siege & Conquest Credits


Executive ProducerBrian Fargo
Produced byVincent DeNardo
Associate ProducerWilliam C. Fisher
Game DesignVincent DeNardo, William C. Fisher, Byon Garrabrant
Additional Design InputScott Bennie, Jacob R. Buchert III, Sorin Chira, Feargus Urquhart, Rebecca Ikenberry
Privy CounsellorAlan Emrich
Lead ProgrammerByon Garrabrant
Lead CD‑ROM ProgrammerRebecca Ikenberry
Artificial Intelligence and Plot Engine: Design and ProgrammingSorin Chira
CD-ROM Programming & Audio ProcessingMarilyn Page
Additional ProgrammingEric Lee, Greg Sanborn, David Steffen
Color Video ProgrammingPaul Allen Edelstein
B&W Video ProgrammingByon Garrabrant
ArtworkLeonard Boyarsky, Todd J. Camasta, Bob Trupe
Additional ArtworkRoy Montibon, Lil' Gangster Ent.
Plot AuthoringScott Bennie, Katie Fisher, Wayne Shaw, 'Boots' St. Bernard, Jonathan Tweet
CD‑ROM Sourcebook MaterialScott Bennie, Marilyn Page
Still PhotographyBTA/ETB/SI
Documentary Film FootageBBC Lionheart
Video ClipsAlexander Nevsky, The Private Life of Henry VIII
Photo WizardryVincent DeNardo, William C. Fisher
3D Rendering ArtistAnthony Bowren
Casting DirectorLisa Wasserman
VoicesTom Wyner, Michael McConnohie
Music byCharles Deenen
Introduction Music byDavid Govett
CD Audio TrackCharles Deenen
AdLib/SoundBlaster Conversion byRick Jackson, Donald S. Griffin (as Don Griffin)
Manual Written bySean Cramer
Director of Quality AssuranceJacob R. Buchert III
Director of CD Quality AssuranceKirk Tome
CD PlaytestersJason Taylor, Vun Renich, John Sramek, Scott McKelvey
Further Testing byFeargus Urquhart, R. Scott Campbell, Jason M. Ferris, Chris Jones
Video TechnicianMatthew Findley
Voices Recorded atThe Village Recorder - Hollywood CA, JEL Recording Studios - Newport Beach CA
CD Audio Track Recorded and Mastered atInterplay Productions
DINR SoftwareDigidesign
Sound Retrieval SystemSRS Labs
Many thanks toLisa Wasserman's cast of thousands, Sasha: the Blue-eyed Bandit
Manual DesignDefinition U.K.
CD‑ROM Plot EditingKatie Fisher, Scott Wessler

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