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Written by  :  Wolfang (168)
Written on  :  Mar 08, 2000
Platform  :  DOS

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Great Game.

The Good

I love this game. First of all its alot of fun building your castle and defending it against the celts. The political part is fun too. I like the things you can do, for example, one time this messanger brought news of war. I sent his head back to his master. The game's tough to get used to but within ten to fifteen minutes you'll figure it out.

The Bad

It's sometimes hard to get your builders to do what you want. Battles aren't that cool. Basicly you set the figures down and watch the battle. It works for defending the castle with archers but dosen't work well with the foot soligers.

The Bottom Line

Even with the few probloms the game is great. It's a must for anyone who likes the castles or the Middle ages. if your one of those people go to Interplays web store and buy it now! All it takes is 6 bucks (credit card needed)and a short download.