Written by  :  Jim Fun (252)
Written on  :  Jun 24, 2002
Platform  :  DOS

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Not scary, not original, not fun, not good, very bad.

The Good

Quite impossible to think of anything to type in this section... The game had bad graphics, a bad story, which on top of everything was not original at all, the game is boring, and extremely repetitive at times.

The Bad

Oh, the bad section, how I long to type here for games I hate! And Castlevania is definitely one of them, the story is boring, typical, and unoriginal, gameplay is EXTREMELY repetitive, especially when you have to kill the SAME enemies over 50 times (really, no kidding) just to pass by one place, and for a game constantly advertised as SCARY, it's just extremely BORING, all you do is jump, walk, fight, and to keep it short, do that for the WHOLE game. That brings us to graphics, whoever created this catastrophe definitely didn't care to design it with good graphics, at least as ONE attraction...

The Bottom Line

Never, ever, ever, make the mistake of spending money on this game, or even letting it take up the few KB's that it needs on your computer...

I describe this game as horrible, I know there are many hardcore fans, but I just can't enjoy this total catastrophe.