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id Software website:
    Catacomb 3D takes the technology in Hovertank 3D one step further, immersing you deep into a fantasy 3D world. You, the high wizard of Thoria, must save the troublesome but useful Nemesis of Kelquest from his suspended animation in magical amber. Beware the evil Grelminar or you, too, could be seeing the world through amber shades.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66528) on Jun 15, 2004.

Back Cover (US box):
    Go Ahead...Battle the Dark Lord...Make Your Day!


    The island rises before you like the head of an angry dragon, the strange blue mist swirling in the setting sun. The dark silhouette of Grelminar's Keep stands alone among the trees, summoning you to the highest challenge and the most dangerous peril any wizard could face. But you are not just any wizard. You are Pelton Everhail, greatest of the living wizards, and the Grand High Wizard of Tharia. No living being can face you in battle, no living creature dares stand in your way. And that would be enough, but for one thing...Grelminar is Undead!

    For two hundred years, the evil has festered and the power of the Beast has grown. When Grelminar dared capture Nemesis, Walker of the Spectral Paths, and entombed him in amber, the inevitable battle was joined!

    Now you must enter the catacombs to find and destroy the dark legions and free the ensnared Walker. Only then, if you dare, the fearsome power of Grelminar awaits!

    Enter the fantastic world of Catacombs 3, an exciting, fast-paced game of magical combat and subterranean exploration. Full color graphics and an exhilarating musical score (fully Adlib and Sound Blaster compatible) makes this an adventure worthy of any fledgling wizard.

    Contributed by Demian Katz (2316) on Apr 28, 2004.