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Written by  :  bb bb (33)
Written on  :  Sep 12, 2005
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
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Defend the empire in this classic game of strategy and guile.

The Good

Defend Rome from barbarian tribes and build armies to fight in real time battles.

Watch your forces crush potentially superior foes.

Expand the empire and pacify the world in this simple, yet engaging strategy game. Certainly not as difficult as Annals of Rome, much more simplistic and fun for the casual or new wargamer. Great war and superb yet simple land battles make this game made a decade before its time.

The Bad

Lack of depth. Action in the Colosseum can be very boring and chariot races, although very rewarding if you win, are also very boring. Naval battles tend to be boring as well and useless. This game has been called defender of boredom by some and in these cases, earns that remark.

The Bottom Line

A game made well before its time. I recommend it to all casual or new war gamers. Those who are interested in the history of the Roman Empire will find this title entertaining. Avoid naval battles as they are expensive and fruitless endeavors. Keep to the land battles as much as possible until its time to take Britain and Sardinia. A must download for any strategy game fan.