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Champions of Krynn Credits


Based on original story byJames M. Ward, Victor Penman, David Shelley
Game CreationSSI Special Projects Group
Project Manager and DeveloperVictor Penman
IBM ProgrammingRussell Brown, Scot Bayless
ProgrammingScot Bayless, Russell Brown
Encounter AuthorsDavid Shelley (Overland - Neraka - Kemen - Solamnic Tomb - Ogre Base), Ken Humphries (Southern Outpost), Michael Mancuso (Throtl - Gargath - Jelek - Sanction)
Art DirectorTom Wahl
Graphics / ArtworkFred Butts, Mark Johnson, Cyrus Lum, Susan Manley, Tom Wahl, Laura R. Bowen (Amiga Conversion)
MusicJohn Halbleib, Tom Wahl, Scot Bayless, David Warhol, John Halbleib
Sound EffectsJohn Halbleib, Tom Wahl, Scot Bayless, David Warhol
IBM Music DriverElectronic Arts
DirectorVictor Penman
Writing / Dialogue / StoryVictor Penman, David Shelley
PlaytestingGraeme Bayless, Michael Bench, Erik Flom, Clifford Mann, Don McClure, Rick E. White, Richard Wilson, James Young, Cyrus G. Harris
Additonal TestingGraeme Bayless
DocumentationRichard Wilson
Special Thanks toPat Andreas
Art, Graphic Design and Desktop PublishingLouis Saekow Design, Peter Gascoyne, David Boudreau
Pre-Press Production (US Version)Louis Saekow Design, Kirk Nichols, Ray Garcia
Pre-Press Production (European Version)Robert S. Malin, David H. Brown (US Gold)
Printing (US Version)Muller Printing Co.
PrintingBeshara Press Ltd.
Cover artwork byKeith Parkinson (uncredited)

Cluebook credits

Written byGraeme Bayless, David Shelley, Michael Mancuso, Ken Humphries
Art, Graphic Design and Desktop PublishingLouis Saekow Design, Peter Gascoyne
PrintingA&a Printers and Lithographers

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