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Written by  :  zorkman (228)
Written on  :  Jan 18, 2015
Rating  :  2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars
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Championship Presentation can lead to small town playability if on your own

The Good

The main positive of this game is when using it with a group of friends to play against each other either playing normal blackjack or in a tournament. The game has a lot of options with two game types plus the ability to use/change different rule versions of the game. It also enables you to view in simulation mode where you can see how computer based players get on, as well as the facility to look up your own statistics when playing. The graphics & sounds are adequate for what it does.

The Bad

The real disadvantage is when there are no other human players available, as the game is just another blackjack clone despite the bells & whistles. No option for a computer player in tournament play is there, & the game soon lose interest to you.

The Bottom Line

This game seems to have gone through a few versions dating between 1982-87, & re-released later by Green Valley/Load'n'go, so it is a bit hard to rate it really. For an 1982 game it would have been quite impressive despite its limitations as a single player game, but as a later game it would have been quite average unless sold as a budget title.