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Written by  :  Steve Hall (352)
Written on  :  Aug 26, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars

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The start of a wonderful game series.

The Good

In its day, there was nothing to touch it. Football management games age faster than anything else, due to the frequent team and rules changes. However, this was massively addictive and served me well for several years until CM2 came along.

It would be very hard to go back to this now after so much has changed, but every now and then I do just to remind myself how it all started.

The Bad

To be honest, at the time I thought it was pretty much perfect.

The Bottom Line

A masterpiece. It's free to download these days, so why not do that and remember what it used to be like.