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Chess Housers Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Splash screen (CGA 320x200)
Developer splash
Title & Developer credits
Menu screen: 1-8 = Play, Keyboard, Redefine keys, Joystick calibration, Difficulty, Push mode on/off, Sound on/off, Exit to DOS
Training level start, Palette 0. Your glove is always centered in the screen.
Training level start, Palette 1.
Training level start, Palette 3.
Training level start, CGA black & white in 640x200 (doubled horizontal lines, here emulated in DOSbox, just as on a normal screen)
I have pushed the first two pawns at the side, and now the transparent box blows up as the glove pushes it.
A knight can break the boulder around the corner, if I push it a bit.
Boom! Rock and horse gone at once. It seems the knight is dynamite, when near a boulder, but it needs a running start.
I need to get to the teleporter in the upper left corner.
I push the volatile knight behind the pawn, inline with the breakable wall. Then I push & break the transparent box in front of the pawn, so he steps aside.
Success! The knight sacrificed itself against the rock, and I can now teleport to the next area.
Here is a reverse situation, I need to position the powderkeg horsie near the breakable walls, and then have a pawn run at it full speed.
A couple of Rooks in the corners. Step in their path and they stomp you flat. Block with pawns.
My idea here was to have the first pawn run at the knight, and it would blow up the wall near it; however the second pawn got freed as well...
...and quickly stepped on my glove. Game Over.