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Circle of Blood Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

DOS installing screen
Main title
George seems to be enjoying his holidays.
Helping the waitress after the explosion.
Looking for some clues.
Local police seems to be jumpy.
Getting Nico's phone number
Keeping up to date about clues and findings with Nico.
Following the culprit through the sewers
Talking to an eye-witness that saw the murderer get away
In front of Nicole's apartment
At the costume store
Talking to Sergeant Moue at the precinct
These two characters in front of the hotel look rather suspicious
At the hotel lobby
Searching the killer's room
Seems like the killer is back unexpected, better hide and fast
In the back alley of the hotel
Studying the manuscript with Nico in her apartment
Map of Paris, new locations will become available as the clues present themselves
At the Crune museum
The mysterious manuscript
Inside the castle in Lochmarne
Inside of the hospital (in a grand historic building)
Mountfacon, once a place of executions and now a charming little area with typically Parisian cafes...
In the bowels of Paris again
Marib, a little town in Syria
This ordinary carpet seller in facts acts as a gatekeeper for the Alamut club... fact, George just taxes a "taxi" from the club to the Bull's Head cliff and I'm not sure the club has any real secret - still, the real Alamut was a fortress of the Hashishin.
The mausoleum in the garden of Countess de Vasconcellos
A stained glass image in the church, showing the death of Jacob de Molay.
A statue of Baphomet, an idol allegedly worshipped by the Knights Templar, was found under this rather ordinary building.
Actually, the mysterious medieval items in this game are mostly used like that - to be able to see some hidden clue.
Finally, the trail leads George and Nico to Bannockburn in Scotland...
Inside the old tower, right before the final sequence!