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Game Revolution (Oct 19, 1996)
In the modern computer era of flashy graphics, cheesy video clips, and often regurgitated story lines, the good old-fashioned text adventure is like a breath of fresh air. For the sheer sake of loyalty, old-time hackers must get this collection. It brought back a slew of memories, not to mention finally providing a true mental challenge. If you've never played a text based game, I highly recommend dropping your joystick and cracking those knuckles . . . the world of words awaits.
GameSpot (Oct 03, 1996)
For those who haven't played these games before, I don't know what to say. If you're looking for games that took 300 people to build and seven years to get the video to stream correctly, you've come to the wrong luau. But if you can look past the lack of sound and graphics (and we're talking total lack here; they don't call them "text-based" as a euphemism), you may be pleasantly surprised. The writers at Infocom, for the most part, were extremely adept at pulling you into the story, and most of these games have stood the test of time with grace. And with almost three dozen games, there are so many hours of potential gameplay here that even the most jaded puzzle solver won't find himself bored until at least the next millennium.