Written by  :  El-ad Amir (124)
Written on  :  Dec 16, 2000
Platform  :  DOS

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Full of flaws- yet addictive and fun.

The Good

Flawless yet flawing. The game is fast paced, full of action and fun. The music is excellent and stimulating, the graphics and interface make the game easy to understand and control, and the two different sides create a lot of strategic possibilities. In the campaign game, the cutscenes are interesting and done in high level (espacially for that time) and on the multiplayer game there are a lot of options to exploit and try.

The Bad

The two sides are very unbalanced, with the GDI having the distinct advantage in combat. The computer is downright lousy, and defeating him (and the two campaigns) is a breeze- luckily, there's a powerful multiplayer option.

The Bottom Line

Although the game has many flaws, which were fixed at later strategy games, it's fun. The interface is simple, the units are unique, and the entire game experiance is unforgettable.