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antstream tournament

Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in Strategy Plus, April 1995:


    You've just dropped through 1000 miles of gaseous nitro in your exo-rover, in search of a big ugly alien with information to peddle. Unfortunately, you're a little too late... your alien buddy apparently got blasted by someone else!

    You are Commander Blood, part human, part robot. Your mission: Cruise the universe, withstand really bad alien comedy and discover the meaning of life. Use your extraterrestrial puzzle-solving abilities to navigate through this bizarre space oddity.

    With one of the coolest interfaces in the galaxy, Commander Blood is a visual feast with realistic planet surfaces, arcade-like action sequences and aliens so life-like, you'll almost smell them!

    Commander Blood is a space adventure with a major attitude. Look for it at terran stores now.

    Contributed by Belboz (6583) on Oct 25, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    Bob Morlock, of the Canary Research Corp, has chosen you, Commander Blood, to fullfill his last will: being able to see the birth of the universe. In this fabulous travel through time and space, you will be helped by the faithfull Honk, the famous bio-computer of the Arch spaceship, in order to find answers to fundamental questions...

    Contributed by Cochonou (1093) on Mar 14, 2000.

antstream tournament