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Commander Blood Credits

38 people (33 developers, 5 thanks)


3D Modelling & Lead DesignDidier Bouchon
General DesignMarcello Morra (characters), Philippe Ulrich (scenario), Olivier Carado
3D AnimationPhilippe Arbogast, Jean-Jacques Chaubin, Sébastien Guilbert, Franck Morel
Music & SoundPhilippe Egret (music), Stéphane Picq (musics and FX)
ProgrammingThierry Carado, Olivier Carado (lead), Jean-Marc Delon, Rémi Herbulot
Acting / VoiceoversNelly Desclaux, Florian Desforges, Serge Lafon, Carol Lecacheur, Delphine Louie (the Ondoyante), Thierry Proto, Jean-Luc Sala, Madjid Taibi, Anne De Vains
PlaytestingJeph Aust, David Juens
Producer (Cryo)Jean-Martial Lefranc
Lead Tester (UK)Adrian Wood-Jones
Playtesting (UK)Mia Garside
Producer (Microfolies)Francois Herrmann
Producer (Mindscape USA)Manny Granillo
Producer (Mindscape UK)Simon Harris
Product Manager (Mindscape UK)Karl Fitzhugh
UK Packaging & DocumentationBill Duncan, Fiona Todd
Thanks toClive Fort, Juliet Pitt, Lee Singleton, Steve Whittle, Kirstie's Mum

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158616) and Cochonou (1093)