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Character development

In the beta of Commander Blood, Blood's hand is more 'realistic' and has an attached arm. Just like in the original Captain Blood.

Cut content

Commander Blood's intro sequence is a showcase of ingame rendered clips and characters. But if you've completed the game, you might be puzzled to find that half the stuff shown in the intro never featured in the actual game.
That's because a lot of things got changed or cut out during development. There were a lot more planets and scenarios created that never made it to the final release. A lot of these sequences eventually found their way into its sequel, Big Bug Bang.
However, some deleted fragments were accidentally included on the CD. They're not accessible in the game, but the files are there... MobyGames contributor hydra9 wrote a program called ORX which lets you view these unused sequences. That is: nine extra planet sequences and 29 extra misc. rendered sequences, plus a few other bits and pieces. If you completed and enjoyed the game, and want to see a bit more, then download ORX.


One of the music tracks in the game (Megadai Rap by Stephane Picq) contains two samples of Lance Boyle from Cryo's earlier Megarace.


Commander Blood was never updated in the UK or US (all UK/US versions are 1.0), but in France it went to at least v. 1.2. Later versions apparently removed the 'cyberspace' section of the game.


The following alien races appear in both Captain and Commander Blood: Izwals, Croolis, Migrax, Tromps, Sinox, Tubular Brains and Ondoyantes. Some changes have occurred. For instance, the Izwals' long tongue (in Captain Blood) becomes a long trunk (in Commander Blood). Other races are very similar in both games (Tromps) or very different (Migrax).

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