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Companions of Xanth Credits (DOS)

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Companions of Xanth Credits


Companions of Xanth is based on the book Demons Don't Dream byPiers Anthony
Game Design and ProgrammingMichael Lindner
Game Design Assistance and SteerageBob Bates
System DesignDuane Beck, Michael Lindner, Mark Poesch, Michael Verdu
System ProgrammingDuane Beck, Mark Poesch
Graphics System and High MagicMark Poesch
Dialogue System and Troll GamesDuane Beck
Music SystemMichael Lindner
Help SystemMark Poesch, Michael Verdu
Other System ProgrammingDuane Beck, Glen R. Dahlgren, Chip Kerchner, Michael Lindner, Mark Poesch
Cut Scene WritingBob Bates
Art and Music DirectionMichael Lindner
Room Art and AnimationsPaul Mock
Background ArtChris Angrisani, Kathleen Bober, Chris Grandstaff, Timothy Knepp, Bob Lynch, Mark Poesch
Cut‑Scene AnimationAnne Marie Cox
Sound EngineeringArfing Dog
Audio ProductionKathleen Bober
Audio DirectionMichael Lindner
Video ProductionKathleen Bober, Paul Fuqua, Fil Hunter, Michael Lindner, Mark Poesch, Robin Reid
Music CompositionTony Bernetich, Arfing Dog, Eric Heberling
AdLib/Sound Blaster TranscriptionsGlen R. Dahlgren
Sound EffectsGlen R. Dahlgren
Disk Version TestingBob Bates, Duane Beck, Jeff Childress, Chip Kerchner, Mark Poesch, Josh Schriftman, Ed Storozuk, Alyssa Verdu
CD‑ROM Version TestingJeremy Lam, Bob Bates, Duane Beck, Joven J. Malazo, Chip Kerchner, Mark Poesch, Alyssa Verdu
Package Design and ProductionPeggy Oriani
Production AssistanceRosie Freeman
Game ManualMichael Verdu
Cover PaintingCathleen Thole
Patience Beyond ReasonHeather Anne Peck
Good Will Beyond ReasonKathleen Bober, Heather Hicks-Beach, David Landis, Ellen Neuborne, Sharon Separ, Alyssa Verdu, Alan C. Zander
CD-ROM Audio recorded atReuben Schmeuben (White Plains/Maryland)
ActorsDavid Beattie (as Cyrus Merman), Moxie Cat (as Sammy Cat), Laura Dunn (as Nada Naga), Fil Hunter (as Dug Mundane), Kim Hunter (as Jenny Elf), Pamela Melton (as Kim Mundane)
Voice ActorsEllen A. Page (Merci Mermaid), Arianne Bennett (Kim Mundane), Scott Bennett (The Eye Screen and the Pail and the Tree and Cumulo Fracto Nimbus and Pia's Dad), Kasia Bober (Ma Anathe and the Ogress), F. Chambless Bittner (The Ogre Boy), Eric Cody (Demon Earth and Demon Xanth and the Yak and Edsel), Allyson Currin (Merci Demoness and the Copperhead), Richard Dorton (The Troll), John Dow (The Headman and Fairy Nuff), David Hilder (Grundy Golem), John Kidner (The Guardian), Daniel L. Poole Jr. (Cyrus Merman and Che Centaur and Dug), Michael Lindner (Eye Behind the Door), Jordana Luks (Jenny Elf), Bruce Norris (Com-Pewter and the Firearm), Paul Osborne (Magician Humfrey), Lois Wolf (Nada Naga and the Deerfly)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Belboz (6576)