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Written by  :  mailmanppa (3552)
Written on  :  Jan 05, 2017
Rating  :  4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
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One of a kind adventure game

The Good

If I wanted to list all the good things about this game, in the first place I would put the graphics which is very colourful and subtle making a really good impressions. The next to mention is music and sound effects. Maybe the latter does not exist in huge amounts but music fully compensates it. Basically in each location there is a different tune that tries to set you in a correct mood to solve the problem that lays there. The CD edition of the game has all the dialogues fully spoken bringing a completely new experience for those who managed to complete the regular version. Another thing I found highly enjoyable are inside jokes, word plays and puns that exist not only in the conversations between the characters but also in the puzzles itself. On one hand this is a very brave move since the game might not be accessible by some players and probably it wouldn't be possible to make any other language versions than the one the game originally was created. However this bold move made this game highly unique!

The Bad

There is no diamond that does not have a flaw. There are two big problems with the "Companions of Xanth". The first one is its linear plot. Sometimes choosing the wrong answer in the dialogues section or not taking an object somewhere at the beginning of the game will end up with a Game Over screen. The second problem is somehow connected with the first one - the surreal level of puzzles, sometimes difficult to apprehend creates a feeling and a notion that some things are not needed or the player is afraid of doing them... It makes the game rather difficult and not enjoyable for everyone.

The Bottom Line

"Companions of Xanth" is a highly recommended adventure game only as long as you like surreal type of puzzles and you are fond of word play and puns that are also some type of puzzles. If your English is not good (it mostly concerns all of you for who English is not a native language) and you don't feel like using painkillers on a windowpane as a right approach to solve the problem, then this is not the game you should run. For all of you who might find such things intriguing, you will for sure appreciate this game. It is a very unique and one of a kind game.