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DOS version

Title screen
Starting location. Your cozy room, near your computer...
Reading your girlfriend's... err... EX-girlfriend's letter
The name of the composer will change randomly every time you click on it. This is an answer I like!..
Don't forget to open your refrigerator and take everything you can see before leaving!..
Choosing a companion - a pointless feature, since you can actually only choose one
You see everything in black and white when you emerge in Xanth. Also, you've obviously picked a wrong companion
You can talk to your companion at any time for hints and amusing chatter
Consulting the Com-Pendium of Xanth
You can move through the game world using this map. Very handy when it comes to a particular maze later in the game...
Beautiful forest. You have nothing better to do but flatten a piece of paper
The dialogue is ridiculously, charmingly silly
Beautiful mountain pass. Animated thorns are rolling
Be ready for all kinds of weird things in this game. This is not a puzzle solution - just an example of interactivity
"Tee", get it? We are on a golf course!.. Okay, I think it's still kinda funny
A concise, yet precise description of Fairy Nuff
You'll need to follow this recipe to the letter
Wow, what a marvelous... desert area with a spring. Why, what were you thinking about?..
The barrows are atmospheric, but they are also a monotonous maze-like location
Full-screen cutscene with live actors! There is even some animation! There are very few of those, unfortunately
Uh-oh... It's Nada in her Naga shape. Whatever happens... don't look at her!..
The game is full of puns. They do get tiresome, but... it's good for learning English!
A troll is guarding a bridge - only this time, it's a SCIENTIST troll! Wow, what a bold stereotype-breaking!..
Hmm... if only there was a way to fill that well with water...
In order to escape from the troll, you'll have to solve his puzzles. It's either this one...
...or matches - or another puzzle, but come on, there isn't enough place for screenshots of everything
You are ready to duel the evil Com-Pewter in what is decidedly the game's most boring moment - finding answers in a book, and that ten times in a row!
Talking to an ogress! Hmm... interesting conversation
A nice little room with a disproportionally bright sock
Beautiful view. You'll have this ogre boy as a companion only for a very short while
Answer the guard's questions correctly to bypass him. This one is pretty good...
Interesting detail on those stairs... and I haven't found any gameplay use for it
You'll meet magical, beautiful creatures in this game... well as talking animals. What can I say but "Yakity-yak"?..
Uh-oh... this is a dangerous moment... and an amusing puzzle to solve
Hey look, I have new companions!.. The cat is doing his animated thing to the right
A beautiful hand-drawn cutscene
More weird characters as we are nearing the game's end
We've completed much of the game by now - and there's still a new nice-looking area