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Cancelled CD version

After the disk releases, Sierra decided to re-release this game on CD. The CD version was to feature full speech and be distributed around 1993, but was never fully completed. There was a demo released with speech however.


Conquests of the Longbow was available in four different packages: a 16 color version (supporting EGA, MCGA, VGA, Tandy/PCjr) with either 3.5" DD or 5.25" HD disks, and a 256 color version (supporting MCGA, VGA) with either 3.5" HD or 5.25" HD disks.


  • If you open the control panel and hit the Sierra button, the game will give you the credits, then inform you that "no guys from Andromeda" partook in the creation of the game, as a reference to Space Quest.
  • At the fair, there are a lot of little in-jokes. Try talking to everyone at the fair and you will find several Sierra programmers and employees (including the Two Guys from Andromeda) and also George Bush and Dan Quail.
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