Constructor Credits


Writing / Dialogue / StoryJohn Twiddy
Original Concept / Main GraphicsPhil Thornton
Design ConsultantTim Best
Executive ProducerMark Cale
Lead Graphics ArtistsNick Lee, Joe Walker
Storyboard ArtistMatthew Bell
Music / SFXMartin Oliver
GraphicsChris Alexander, Peter Amachree, Attlee Baptiste, Richard Bentley, Dana Church, Keith Jones, Robin Levy, Daniel Malone, Jason Serrano
Map DesignChris Brams
System 3 QANick Steadman
System 3 AdminEric van Genderen, Sue McGowan, Juliet McGrath
ManualTim Best, Bill Dickson
Special Thanks ToMark Garone, Jeff Smith


Director of DevelopmentJoe Bonar
Executive ProducerRobert O'Farrell
QA ManagerClifford Ramsey
QA TestersRichard Foster, Mitchell Slater, Scott Priestley, Tim Easley
Vice President of PDCol Stone
ProducerEric Weiner (E!)
Team SupportShawn David Rosen
EngineeringAngel Cordero
Product ManagerEd Fortune
Creative DirectorScott Jenkins
Art DirectorLenny O'Donnell
Assistant Art DirectorLisanne Schnell
Jr. DesignerJacqueline Scibelli
Graphic ArtistsJenny Shannon, Bethany Pawluk, Kevin Sharkey
DirectorRoger Booth
SupervisorsCarol Caracciolo, Tom Falzone
Technical Support SupervisorHarry Reimer
Technical SupportRobert Coffey
Lead AnalystsJeff Rosa, Dale Taylor
Project LeadsMark Garone, Jeff Smith
QA Game TestersBrian Regan, Mike Sterzel, Mat T. Kraemer, Jennifer Walka

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Robert O'Farrell, 42 other games
Shawn David Rosen, 41 other games
Mark Garone, 38 other games
Clifford Ramsey, 34 other games
Dale Taylor, 32 other games
Roger Booth, 30 other games
John Twiddy, 28 other games
Martin Oliver, 27 other games
Mitchell Slater, 26 other games
Tom Falzone, 26 other games
Mike Sterzel, 25 other games
Mat T. Kraemer, 23 other games
Jeff Smith, 20 other games
Mark Cale, 20 other games
Robert Coffey, 19 other games
Robin Levy, 18 other games
Richard Foster, 18 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Kirschsaft (137) and Xoleras (66792)