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Advertising Blurbs

PAL case:
    Coporation is the first 360-degree 3D Role Playing Action Adventure for the Mega Drive. Infiltrate the futuristic defenses of the powerful Corporation in a mission to expose its evil experiments in Genetic Mutation. And Watch out for Freddy!

    Corporation ist das erste 3D-Rollenspielabenteuer in 360 Grad für den Mega Drive. überwinde die futurischen Verteidigungsanlagen der mächtigen Corporation bei Deiner Mission, ihre üblen Experimente in genetischer Mutation aufzudecken. Und nimm Dich vor Freddy in acht!

    Corporation est le premier jeu de rôle, d'action et d'aventure en 3D 360 degrés sur Mega Drive. Infiltrez-vous dans les bâtiments futuristes de la puissante Corporation. Votre mission est de révéler au grand jour les ignobles expériences de mutation génétique qui y sont faites. Méfiez-vous de Freddy!

    Coporation es el primer juego de rol, acción y aventura con 360 grados y 3 Dimensiones para el Mega Drive. Infiltrate en las defensas futuristas de la poderosa Corporation en una misión para desenmascarar sus diabíólicos experimentos en Mutación Genética. ¡Y presta atención por si aparece Freddy!

    Corporation è la prima avventura a ruoli in 3D a 360 gradi per il Mega Drive. Inflitra le futuristiche difese della potente Corporazione in una missione tesa a rivelare i suoi diabolici esperimenti nella Mutazione Genetica. E stai attento a Freddy!

    Corporation är det första 360-gradigt, tredimensionella, rollspels- och actionäventyret för Mega Drive. Infiltrera Corporations olika framtidsförsvar i ett försök att avslöja dess grymma experiment med genetisk mutation. Och se upp för Freddy!

    Corporation is het eerste avontuur met rollenspel in de Mega Drive, waarin het driedimensionaal beeld 360 gradenverschuift. Infiltreer de futuristische defensiemiddelen van de machtige Corporation in je missie om de kwaadaardige experimenten van je tegenstander aan de kaak te stellen. En pas op voor Freddy!

    Corporation on ensimmäinen 360-asteen3-ulotteinen Mega Drive pelattava rooli- ja seikkailupeli. Tunkeudu mahtavan Corporationin futurististen puolustusvarustuksieb läpi yrittäessäsi paljastaa sen pahat kokellut geneettisissä muunnoksissa. Ja varo Freddyä!

    Contributed by Luis Silva (13593) on Jul 24, 2006.

Unknown Source:
    Are you tough enough to take on the Corporation?

    Even the most hardened player will be challenged by this one... Feel the tension and unease created by the realistic 3D sequences... Struggle to master your psychic powers which can heal... or destroy.

    CORPORATION's got everything - mapping, object manipulation, damage control, security problems, combat - and don't forget how useful your Backpack Computer and Smart Card can be. You'll be kept locked in combat for a long time to come as you struggle to expose The Universal Cybernetics Corporation in its bid to develop a mutant robot for military purposes. As a ZODIAC special investigator, can you save man from his untimely destruction, in the 21st Century, or is he doomed to see his faithful robot turned into a genetically engineered war machine, designed to kill?

    Contributed by Jeff Sinasac (407) on May 25, 2000.