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Written by  :  Toka (16)
Written on  :  Mar 21, 2001
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Solid, if unspecatular, adventure experience

The Good

It continued what Access started with Mean Streets; enhancing the graphics by a significant margin, and adding many more enviornments. It is challenging, offers a fairly compelling story, and is generally immersive. Also, the overhead maze sequences (very similar to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) help keep things nice and varied.

The Bad

Like Martian Memorandum, which Access released shortly after this game, it is VERY easy to reach a "dead-end" via an earlier, minor mistake. I really dislike this feature in games since it creates a high level of paranoia, which detracts from the overall fun. Isn't "fun" the whole point? The story is somewhat cliche, and the "twists" aren't all that surprising. But, it is still a very enjoyable experience, and in the end that is all that matters.

The Bottom Line

Early entry to the "Access" style of adventure gaming, with digitized graphics and a "dark" storyline. Not the best of all-time, or even the best of its time, but still something any adventure fan should pick up.