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Countdown Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Mason Power's adventure starts in this prison cell.
One of the top-down scenes. You have to evade the guards.
The sanitarium's chief is an alcohol addict. Good that you awakened before operation!
Mason's appartment. Let's grab our special agent equipment!
You choose your actions on the orange control bar.
The mini-computer CAD is info database and analyzer in one.
Conversation is controled by chosing your approaches -- you can be pleasant, ask for help, hassle or bluff.
Another top-down scene. Mason's just dealt with a hitman.
Uh oh! Classical "Candle burns rope"-situation.
Collage of unhappy endings...
Newspaper headline.
A boiler room.
A maze.
The basement.
McBains is about to get shot!
Ok! I'm freaked out!
Climb up!
Yeah! I'm free from the nut house!
Lisa's profile.
Lisa Loomis.
Talking with Lisa.
Onto Cairo.
An ancient fortress...
Talking with Carlos.
In a dressing room.
Can you get information out of this guy?
On the Orient Express.
A plug for Mean Streets... :-)
In the storage car.
What does that machine do?
In an art storage room.