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Crazy Nick's Software Picks: King Graham's Board Game Challenge Credits

33 people (32 developers, 1 thanks)

King Graham's Board Game Challenge Team

DirectorBill Davis
ProducersTammy Dargan, Tony Caudill
Software SupervisorJ. Mark Hood
Lead ProgrammerThaddeus M. Pritchard
Quality AssuranceMichael Brosius
Special Thanks toRandy MacNeill

Original Board Game Challenge Team

Executive ProducerKen Williams
Creative DirectorBill Davis
Director / ProducerStuart Moulder
Game DesignersMarti McKenna, Bridget McKenna
Art DesignerJay Allan Friedmann
Lead ProgrammerWarren Schwader
ComposerRobert Atesalp
AnimatorsNathan Larsen, Marc Hudgins, Terrence C. Falls, Michael Hutchison, Richard Powell
Background ArtistMaurice Morgan
ProgrammersMichael Brock, Tom DeSalvo, John Harrell, Chip Kerchner, Kimberly L. Bowdish
Music DirectorMark Seibert
System DevelopmentJeff Stephenson, Dan Foy, Larry Scott, J. Mark Hood, Mark Wilden, Christopher Smith, Ken Koch
Sound EffectsRobert Atesalp
Quality AssuranceDanny A. Woolard

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Credits for this game were contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (62930)