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Creature Shock Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The colony ship Amazon journeys into the unknown (from the intro)
Ooops, looks like we hit something!
Title screen
Main menu
Mission selection
Our hero arrives
Mission briefing
Your ship
Shoot 'em up sequences
Exploring the alien installation
There they are!!
Taking out some baddies in a small fps/side scrolling sequence
Facing the first of many fmv monsters
Wham!! Yeah baby!!
Using your shield protects you from attacks but also depletes your suit's energy
Finding a power-up
The captain is alive! Or is she?
Hmm... ok who goes down the sphincter first?
Which path now?
Aghh!! Bats!! Get them off me!!
Taking the babe home
Mission completed!
Trench runs... I just loooove trench runs
This looks like trouble...
"Open the pod bay doors, Hal"
The alien mothership
Badass alien boss up ahead!
Here's looking at you kid