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Crime Lab: Case of the Missing Masterpiece Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game's title screen
This game was released as shareware so naturally there's a request for cash.
The game's main menu. Everything is keyboard controlled. Options A & B do not require any interaction, the first sets the scene and the second describes blood tests
This is a screen from the 'Review the Case Reports' option which sets the scene for the game. The last screen in this sequence states that the criminal was cut on broken glass as they left
One of the 'Blood Briefing' screens. This sequence of screens describes how different kinds of blood react with each other and with antigens thus allowing a blood type to be determined
One of the screens from the 'Perform Crime Lab Tests' sequence. Here the player mixes the sample with reagents to determine its type. It is entirely keyboard controlled
Having determined the criminal's blood type the player completes the game by accusing a suspect.
Game Over. If the player accuses the right criminal they get this screen as a reward.