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The Crimson Crown Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen (PCjr)
Trapped underground (PCjr)
A sword in a stone (PCjr)
Talking with a gryphon (PCjr)
Exploring a creepy house (PCjr)
A black cat is here (PCjr)
A witch! (PCjr)
An owl in a tree (PCjr)
Outside a castle (PCjr)
Within sight there is a scroll (PCjr)
A snake! (PCjr)
I found a scepter (PCjr)
What a strange troll (PCjr)
One of many hallways to wander down (PCjr)
A dragon! (PCjr)
Tree by the lake (CGA)
Trapped underground (CGA)
Pulsating crystal ball (CGA)
Meeting the Vampire for the first time. (CGA)
Typical...a sword in the stone. (CGA)
Wandering around in the caverns. (CGA)
A Gryphon. (CGA)
Outside a creepy house. (CGA)
Searching around in the clutter of the haunted house. (CGA)
A scary pathway. (CGA)
Zombie attack! (CGA)
A witch at her brew. (CGA)
This poor frog will serve a greater purpose. (CGA)
Eerie cemetery. (CGA)
Out side the castle. (CGA)
Inside the treasure chamber. (CGA)
A giant cobra snakes out of the dark. (CGA)
A creepy but nice view. (CGA)
This Centaur is quite the jerk. (CGA)