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Crusader: No Remorse Credits

108 people (102 developers, 6 thanks)


Directed byTony Zurovec
Produced byWarren Spector
Lead ArtistBeverly Garland
Lead DesignerMark Vittek
Lead ProgrammerTony Zurovec
Asylum Sound System DeveloperJason Ely
MusicDaniel Gardopee, Andrew G. Sega, Straylight Productions
Game System ProgrammersJason Ely, Tony Zurovec
Additional ProgrammingRob Corell, Ray Renteria, Gary Scott Smith
Usecode ProgrammersGary Scott Smith, Mark Vittek, John Watson, Phil Wattenbarger, Eric Willmar
Assistant Lead ArtistTerry Manderfeld
ArtistsAmy Adams, Karl Dolgener, Beverly Garland, Darrin LeBlanc, Terry Manderfeld, Dicko Mather, Alan Perez, Matt Sheffield, Johari Templin
Assistant Lead DesignerPhil Wattenbarger
DesignBruce Adams, Melanie Green, Mark Vittek, Phil Wattenbarger, Eric Willmar
Animation TrainingMelanie Green
Additional ArtistsDenis R. Loubet, Michael Morlan
Additional MusicTodd Parsons, Kirk Winterrowd
Game Sound EffectsKirk Winterrowd
Audio Post SupervisorRandy Buck
Voice Recording and ProcessingRandy Buck, Jason Cobb
Logo DesignJennifer Davis, Trey Hermann
Box DesignJennifer Davis, Beverly Garland
Product Support ManagerKay Gilmore
Quality Assurance SupervisorDonna Mehnert
Quality Assurance LeaderJeremy Mappus
Assistant QA LeaderChuck Denning
Quality AssuranceGreg Barwis, John Prindle, Michael Songy, Brian Wachhaus, Evan Brandt
PlaytestingLisa Acton, Marshall Andrews, Dustin Cryer, Allen Jackson, E. J. Moreland, Christian Primozich, Paul D. Sage, Michael Songy, Reece Thornton, Todd Wachhaus, Carlus Wesley
French QA TestersLemuel Haham, Didier Jumeau
German QA TestersFrank Dietz (as Frank Deitz), Jörg Neumann, Kai Leibert
Translation ManagerKirsten Vaughan
French TranslationsPeter Bert, Dominique Poumeyrol-Jumeau, Monique Quirk, Isabelle Rice
German TranslationsFrank Dietz, Annette Franco, Jörg Neumann
TranslationsAnja Rumbarger
Product ManagerBrian Allen
DocumentationChris W. McCubbin
Documentation EditingDavid Ladyman, Melissa Tyler, Tuesday Frase
Documentation DesignJohn Bowie, Catherine Cantieri, Jennifer Davis, Robin McShaffry, Tim Norland
Video DirectorSteve Hemphill
Writing / Dialogue / StoryLisa Smith, Mark Vittek
Production ManagerDavid Knott
1st Assistant DirectorRex Gregory
Director of PhotographyMike Martin, Walter Olden
Audio RecordingRandy Buck, Jason Cobb
Video Post ProductionSteve Hemphill
Audio Post ProductionRandy Buck, Jason Cobb
Sound EffectsRandy Buck, Jason Cobb
Wardrobe DesignDawn Allee
Assistant WardrobeErnesto Maldonado
Props and Special FXJ. M. Logan
Assistant Special FXJene Rose
Makeup and HairstylingDeborah Carter
Assistant MakeupAstarte
Set ConstructionCustom Creation
Video Sequences French SynchronisationStudio Lincoln; Paris
Video Sequences German SynchronisationFFS GmbH; Munich
Special Thanks ToRichard Garriott, Without whose initial financial support and faith, Crusader would not have been possible , Mike McShaffry, Zachary Booth Simpson, Jason Yenawine


Cpl. ReavesTaylor Gibbler
Sgt. BrookesTony Perensky
Maj. VargasSuzanne Savoy
Gen. Quentin MaxisEv Lunning Jr.
Col. ElyAlex Morris
Cpl. CardovaCarlos Compean
Chairman DrayganWoody Skaggs
Senator SnellRon Jackson
Pvt. AndrewsGabe Folse
Josh StarnsDoug Forrest
Trina JenkinsLisa MacKenzie
WeaselMarco Perella
Prof. WillmarRick Perkins
Dr. HoffmanEd Neal
Wec GuardErik Everett

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (65726), Derrick 'Knight' Steele (2415), formercontrib (158029) and Trixter (9115)

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