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atari adventure

Crusader: No Remorse Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
The headquarter
Start screen at mission 2
Blood is only available in uncut versions
Better you shoot that mines
Don't kill civilians
Hoffman's Laboratory
"Weasel", a weapon dealer in your HQ
You have to defeat even better enemy's
A teleporter
At the "Boss office"
The "SORC" communication unit
You can destroy many items on the screen
This well dressed man have a bad day
A member of the WEC-Specialforces
At the end of mission 6, you have to kidnap this man
The Bar of the Headquarter
A man in flames [uncut versions only ]
You need a code to open this door
A floor elevator
Spider bombs are very useful weapons
A remoted AP-4400 "Vetron"
WEC-Specialforces with laserrifles