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Crusher Castle II Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Intro story
Main menu
Game presentation pg2 - here are some icons showing what is found in the rooms.
Game presentation pg4
The first room (no.13). You are the green thing at the center right side - a top down view of a man walking; while all other objects are side-view images.
Cleared the first room, moving to the next room (no.18)
Room no.18, the preview before starting; the rooms are randomly filled with boxes etc. each time you enter, sometimes it's wise to leave before getting attacked, if there is no close cover to hide.
I died in room 18, but I have two more lives.
I made it to 10.000 points! Now where's that cat?
Room #25, and out of luck.
I get a pat on the back at least.
High score! (not so strange as this is my first attempt).
The hard sell.