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Crystal Caves Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Crystal Caves
Cut Scene
In game
Apogee Splash Screen
Main Menu
First page of instructions
High Scores screen
Notice the sign at the bottom of this screen!
Those crystals are your main objective, but it helps to have more ammo too!
Entering "elevator" doors leads to many different rooms.
Jumping high has its advantages. There are hidden points in some of the upper platforms!
If Mylo's not careful this vacuum hoover thing will suck him to instant death.
Reverse gravity.
Some levels begin in darkness, you'll have to find the light switch.
Taking out an enemy from a distance.
You'll have to shoot a path through these clear blocks.
Riding a platform across a troop of poisonous mushrooms.
All these stepping stones begin invisible, and only come into play after 'headbutting' the location from below.
You can shoot the eyes off this monster to stop it firing smaller eyeballs at you.
Nintendo-esque pipes.
These walking rocks only get up when you get too close.