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The Crystal Maze Credits


Designed byDigital Jellyfish Design
CodeSean Fausett, Nick Westgate
Game designSean Fausett, Nick Westgate
Graphic designJustin Westgate
IllustrationChoong, Anthony Sang
Text ManualDavid Eccles, James Bayliss
Package design and artworkBob Barnett, Bill Bonham
Original music adapted by kind permission of composerZack Laurence
Music adapted by Mark Vanstone
Published bySherston Software
Thanks toChatsworth Television[for their help and support], Sandra Caron ([Mumsey] for allowing us to use her likeness in the program), Matt Farrow (for the tracker module), Hugo Fiennes (for the tracker module), Mark Vanstone (for the tracker music), Otto Chrons (for the DSMI Library), David Brown (for additional graphics), Acorn New Zealand, CafĂ© Casa Azul, Mike Drinkwater, Aran Dunkley, Kappa Crucis BBS, Paradigm, Sherston Software, Sound Techniques, Vision Software, !SXFM was used in making sounds for this package
Print productionPrint Placement[Sherston. Tel. 01666 840407]
Film outputTony Tolver (T-J Reproductions. Tel. 0171 372 4430)

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