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Curse of Enchantia Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The title screen.
From the Intro: The evil witch casts a spell...
...and young Brad awakens in prison.
More or less successful, uh, escape.
Capitalism wherever you go... Note the conversational bubble.
In town. The command bar is open at the top of the screen.
Exploring a cave. Note the nice reflection in the pool.
Brad's making new friends.
Brad has improved his appearance significantly.
Brad, are you playing at the volcano again!?
Choose! Wealth, women or... a helmet?!?
Fights, fights, fights. Fencing with a shark...
...throwing snowballs at fierce, easily angered trolls...
...and dodging the ice queen's spells.
Spectacular magic effects.
Brad throws a monitor! Bad boy!
Enchantia is filled with strange creatures.
The picture on the wall shows how many rocks you still need to fetch.
Brad on cloud No. 9.
Holy cow! Is that you Batman?
Buried alive!
Dracula coming to dine on Brad in creepy cemetery
Now this library is the right place to read a good book
Salvadore Dali eat your heart out!
Beware of the ninja Brad
Why is this nose nosing around?
Look, the evil queen is sending a spook Brad's way
Move over Beatles, the Slugs are in town!
These stairs teach Brad how to fly (temporarily)