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Cyberdogs (DOS)

Cyberdogs DOS Title Screen


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Written by  :  Viktor Kovacs (15)
Written on  :  Jan 25, 2008
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Thank you Ronny Wester!

The Good

Cyberdogs was made by one man, programmed in Borland PASCAL, about 14 years ago, and I applaud you Ronny. Cyberdogs is a fun isometric shooter where you play a mercenary hired to... well... um... the game isn't really plot driven. Basically you go out, kill, make money to buy more stuff to kill with and repeat. The weapons are fun and the sound effects are great. There is a level of line-of-sight, where an enemy will disappear when going behind a crate, adding a touch of strategy to your mindless killing. You can have a friend join in on the fun with split-screen two player mode. There's a reason Cyberdogs had a following for many years (up until the early 2000s), there's a mission editor included and user made campaigns can be downloaded from the net, adding to replay value. Sadly, the Cyberdogs community is dead for the most part.

The Bad

It's very hard to bring myself to say anything bad about this game, it was a large part of my childhood and I have nothing but respect for Ronny Wester. Sure, I would've liked weapons to actually look different in the main character's hands, or have him wear some other than what can only be described as a light blue Bodyglove, but hey, this is the golden age of DOS gaming we're talkin' about here.

The Bottom Line

If you're into old DOS games and/or isometric shooters definitely get your hands on this game, it provides you with excellent pick up and play opportunities.