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Cyberia Credits


DirectorDrew Markham
Project ManagerFranck De Girolami
ProducerJoan Wood
Art DirectorRobert Stahl
Computer AnimationBarry Dempsey
Technical DirectorBarry Dempsey, Michel Royer
Director of Digital PhotographyJason Kaehler
Real Time IntegrationAugust Johnston
Lead ProgrammerPierre Schiro
3D ModellingAugust Johnston, Jason Kaehler
LightingBarry Dempsey, Jason Kaehler
AnimationBarry Dempsey, August Johnston, Jason Kaehler
Character AnimationTodd Gantzler, George Karl
Map PaintingAugust Johnston, Drew Markham
2D AnimationMathew Beane, Ronnie Joe Blackburn, August Johnston, Drew Markham, Claire Praderie
Human Character Articulation EngineJohn P. Ornelas Jr.
ProgrammersPierre Schiro, Franck De Girolami
Writer Additional ElementsJames B. Thomas
Additional Puzzles and InspirationChris Morrow
Production AssistantRonnie Joe Blackburn
Business AffairsJohn Batter
CoordinatorKimberly Weeks
Production SecretaryElizabeth Storz
System AdministrationStephen R. Goldburg
ComposersThomas Dolby, Mike Kapitan
Sound EffectsAlberto Garcia
Sound MixerClif Brigden
Project Manager (for Headspace)Laurence Faso
AdministrationMary Coller
Voiceover SupervisorLaurence Faso
VoiceoversKathleen Beller, Greg Berg, Jocelyn Blue, Roberta Farkas, Philip Lewis Clarke, Drew Markham
Producer (for Interplay)Ali N. Atabek
Associate ProducerPaul Kellner
Cyberia Book WriterJames B. Thomas
ManualUlises Gerardo
Quality Assurance LeadRaphael Hernandez
Quality AssuranceReginald J. Arnedo, Jim Boone, Shane Cleavelin, Brian McInerny, Darren L. Monahan, Robert Pardo, Brian Rollason, John Werner
Map PaintingClaire Praderie, Robert Stahl
Technical WriterNick Doran

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (204205) and Robert Teichmann (452)