CyberRace Credits (DOS)

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CyberRace Credits


Executive ProducersPatrick Ketchum, Rolf Klug, Jean Klug
ProducerJohn Krause
Associate ProducerAri Minasian
Visual Concept DesignerSyd Mead
Game ConceptPatrick Ketchum, John Krause
ProgrammersJohn Krause, Gary Vick, Chris Granger
Art DirectorBrandon MacDougall
Assistant Art DirectorWendy Salin
3D Modelling/RenderingBrandon MacDougall
Special Effects GraphicsTimothy Lee Ibbotson
Computer AnimatorPeter Delgado
Game Script WritersJohn Hagerman, Eric Enroth, Michel Horvat
Cinematic Language EditorsJamie Ottilie, Ricardo Barrera
Musical ScoreDouglas W. Brandon Jr.
CastPeter Lambert (Shaw), Tamera Sessions (Alyssia), Kevin Garnier (Nardo), David Huffman (Dobbs)
Additional Character VoicesWilliam Kestin, Lucy Hagan, Eric Allen
CostumerLita Smith-Gharet
U.S. MarketingJames Lamorticelli, David Gerding
U.S. PRJames Lamorticelli, David Gerding
European MarketingJames Lamorticelli, Mark Scriven
Administration AssistantSteven Grabowski, Alison Ryan
Purchasing and Production ManagerPamela Lum
Package DesignSyd Mead, Michael Barton
Poster & AdvertisementSyd Mead, Michael Barton
Game Manual WriterDavid Gerding
Game Manual LayoutJamile G. Mafi
A Very Special Thanks ToSyd Mead (for his inspiration and stunning artwork), Rolf Klug, Jean Klug (for their commitment), The entire Cyberdreams staff for their dedication and artistry as well as the people in their lives who supported their efforts

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