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Cyclemania Credits (DOS)

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Cyclemania Credits


Game Concept and Development ManagerRonnie Yaron
ProgrammingDaphna Karmi, Tal Raviv
Additional ProgrammingItzik Bayaz, Danny Elran, Arik Katz, Noam Sigal
GraphicsYael Bachar, Amir Glinik
MusicAmir Glinik
Sound EffectsRonen Hofman
Road MappersOfer Mussai, Yoni Yifat
Technical SupportOmri Blumenzon
TestersSlade Anderson, Robyn Gatchell, Jason Mendoza, Brian Nelson
Sport Accolade Logo CreationSteven Graziano
Manual WritingJim Carr
Manual EditingShirley Sellers
MarketingDaniel Jeung
ProducerPeter Pavich

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Credits for this game were contributed by Accatone (5321)