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CyClones Credits

44 people

Raven Software Credits

Project DirectorVictor Penman
Programming Director and Engine DesignCarl Stika
Lead ProgrammersPatrick J. Lipo, Kurt Schallitz
ProgrammersPaul MacArthur, Ben Gokey, Chris Rhinehart, Rick Johnson
Lead ArtistJames Sumwalt
ArtistsRick Dimond, Matia Wagabaza, Brian Pelletier, Scott Rice, Brian Raffel, Chris Mahler
DesignersTimothy Moore, Eric C. Biessman, Michael Raymond-Judy
AudioPower of Seven, Kevin Schilder

Strategic Simulations, Inc. Credits

Executive ProducerCharles J. Kroegel Jr.
Associate ProducerDavid A. Lucca
Documentation ManagerEileen Matsumi
Rule Book EditorsAl Brown, Jonathan Kromrey
Test SupervisorGlen A. Cureton
Lead Product TesterJeff M. Peña
Product TestersStephen Byrum, John Pena, Doug Peters
Test SupportAnnette Grove, Rose Ramos
Graphic Design and DTPLouis Saekow Design:, Leedara Zola, David Boudreau
PrintingA&a Printers & Lithographers


Interpreter / Development SystemCarl Stika
SoundDoug Wolfe
DirectorEd Mongiovi
Writing / Dialogue / StoryEd Mongiovi
PlaytestingEric W. Adams, John Cloud, Kevin Watson
Acting / VoiceoversShelly Bacon, Victoria Hunter, Ronny Santana

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Credits for this game were contributed by Accatone (5318) and formercontrib (158442)