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D Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
The full moon shines bright above the Los Angeles Hospital dome.
Why would Laura's father, a doctor, go on a murderous rampage?
Laura enters the hospital and is struck emotionally by what she finds inside.
Freshly dead bodies all over the hospital.
Not a single person's life was spared.
Laura surveys the damage.
Laura finds a ghostly object in the hospital hallway. I don't think that touching it is the best course of action.
Now she's done it.
Laura's transported to a mansion, a product of her father's mind. Gameplay starts here. Navigation is seen from Laura's perspective.
Locked inside. Actions and cutscenes are usually seen from a third-person perspective.
Laura's inventory. Her watch (left) ticks in real time. The game starts at 3:00 and must be completed by 5:00. Her mirror (center) will provide a hint at most thrice.
Danger lurks in unexpected places.
Seeing Laura's frightful reactions adds to the atmosphere of the game.
An apparition of Laura's father warns her to turn back and leave the hospital.
Unlocking a door.
Just a peek.
Laura wishes she hadn't seen what's behind that door.
Run like Indiana Jones!
The gears puzzle. Laura must align the red dot on the left gear with the hole in the right gear, using the levers to control how much each gear turns.
Toss in a coin for good luck.
Corpses, corpses everywhere.
This painting wasn't smiling before.
People you know?
Stained-glass window.
Care for some stargazing tonight?
Face-to-face with imminent death.
Find as many scarabs as you can... trigger visions that enhance the plot.
The final stretch.