The Dame Was Loaded Credits

Beam Software

Publisher & Original ConceptAlfred Milgrom
Executive ProducerAdam Lancman
ProducerDavid Giles
Technical Design ReviewPhilip Mitchell
Technical Design AssistantSimon Dyer
Systems Development & ProgrammingRichard Crane, Adrian Thewlis
Video System DevelopmentAdrian Thewlis
PC Lead ProgrammersStephen McNamara, Wayne Simmons
CD‑i Lead ProgrammerPhilip Mitchell
ProgrammersAdam Blanch, Gerard van der Linden, Tim Mackay
Credits SequenceAdrian Thewlis
GraphicsJohn Tsiglev
Graphics AssistantsCiri Thompson, Jared Quinert
MusicMarshall Parker, David Briggs
SoundMarshall Parker, David Briggs
Sound EngineerDavid Briggs
Sound AssistantToby Charlton
Lead DesignerMark Morrison
Design AssistantsCraig Duturbure, Shane Collier, Dean Scully, Leigh Reynolds, Cameron Brown, Geoff Gillan
Written byCraig Duturbure, Penelope Love, Mark Morrison
Additional DialogueRobert Love
Lead TesterShane Collier
TestersLeigh Reynolds, Andrew Buttery, Ciri Thompson, John Coleman, Gavin Germon, Andrew Scott, Gary Ireland, Aaron Smith, Nick Hagger, Glen Horrigan
Documentation AssistantsSteven Scott, Leigh Reynolds

Philips Media

Project Manager (US)Jennifer Sward
Project Managers (UK)Richard Browne, Darren Hedges
Project Manager (Germany)Christian von Duisburg
Testing Direction (Philips Media)Jake Hagopian, Kelly Kaufman, Frans Penders
ADS EncodingPaul Reid, Johnny Wood

Vixen Films

ProducerStuart Menzies
DirectorJo Lane
1st Assistant DirectorMarcus Hunt
Production ManagerElle Bilston
Unit ManagerJohn Brousek
ContinuityCarmel Torcasio, Chris O'Connell
Director of PhotographyJaems Grant
Camera AssistantAndrew Butt
GafferJim Hunt
Best BoyChristian Bernadi
Sound RecordistBrett Cocking
Production DesignerOttelo Stolfo
Art DirectorBernie Wynack
Production RunnerEleanor Philpotts
Standby PropsBrian Lang
Props BuyersDarryl Mills, Marion Murray
Art Dept RunnersLee Chong, Monica Cogan
Assistant Set DresserElizabeth Wertheim
Wardrobe DesignerRose Chong
Make‑up/HairCindy Ferrier
CateringBandaide & Mouthfull & Eats
CastingPrototypes Casting
Stills PhotographyJohn Palermo
Legal ServicesBryce Menzies (of Roth Warren), Shana Levine (of Roth Warren)
Production AccountantMonika Gehrt
Digital Editing FacilityDigiline
On Line FMV EditorBruce Joy


CastMatthew King (as Scott Anger and Thumbs McKenzie), Randall Berger (as Ralph Spencer), Tiffany Lamb (as Carol Klein), Shanyn Asmar (as Louise Creel), Larry Kolbukowski (as Jack Menzies), Terrie Waddell (as Frankie Henderson), Michael Edward-Stephens (as Mack), Sally-Anne Upton (as Meg), Gus Mercurio (as Officer Denton), Michael Carmen (as Jake), David Cotter (as Gee-Gee McPherson), Melvin J. Carroll (as Mickey Murphy), Russell Fletcher (as Red Randall), David Bradshaw (as Big Joel Jones), Jeff Kovski (as Smart Charlie), Chris Bidlo (as Dumb Charlie), Torquil Nelson (as Copyboy), Gary Kliger (as Mr. Smith), Michelle Rosen (as Mrs. Smith), Kevin Whitney (as Porter), Rex Callahan (as Concierge), Eng Ann Khor (as Laundry Attendant), Fred Whitlock (as Freddy Creel), Stuart Fenton (as Dan Klein), Cassandra Khoury (as Angela Donald), David Giles (as Carl Brewer), Shayne Price (as Clerk), Henry Ismailiw (as Diner), Tim Syrota (as Reporter), James Howard (as Editor)

TITLE SONG "Through Private Eyes"

LyricsCraig Duturbure
MusicMarshall Parker, David Briggs
BassBen Robertson
VocalsChristine Sullivan
PianoPeter Jones
DrumsTony Floyd
TrumpetBob Venier
Recorded atProduction Workshop
German Recordings atNero‑Film; Hamburg

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (187000), Jeanne (76516), formercontrib (159455) and rosebr12 (320)