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atari yars
Published by
Developed by

The Dark Half Credits

17 people


Executive ProducerLeigh M. Rothschild
ProducerDavid Turner
DirectorRobert Fiorini
Original Game ConceptDavid Turner, James M. Wheeler
Game Adaptation and DesignKelcey Simpson
Art and Production DesignJohn Garcia, Kelcey Simpson
Additional ArtDaniel Bourbonnais, Bruce Turner
ProgrammingBrent Smith
Programming AssistantsRobert Fiorini, Monica Suua
Original MusicRod Wallace
Sound EffectsDavid C. J. Taylor
Project AdministrationW. Lee Schulz
Quality AssuranceRichard C. Leinecker, Connie McSweeny, James M. Wheeler
Play TestingTim Dahl, Skyler Schulz
User’s Manual and Hint BookDavid Turner, James M. Wheeler

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Credits for this game were contributed by -Chris (7722)

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