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Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Menu Screen
Character Generation Screen
Intro - Evil Master and Servant
Intro - Hey Good Looking!
Intro - A Game of Chess
First dialogue of the game
First combat of the game
Spell selection
Character inventory
This bathhouse was populated by fearsome skeleton warriors. All that is left from them now are skulls with glowing eyes...
A busy marketplace in the center of the city Tyr, where much of the game takes place
These loading screens come up a lot. The dragon just keeps babbling
Oh wow, are you sure this is the Dark Sun setting? What a lush forest with a lake!
You'll meet people of different races. And you'll learn to make choices, too...
I met this sad-looking giant in a cave. I couldn't think of anything else but trying to interact with a rock
Visiting a village of a tree-dwelling tribe. Pretty cozy, right?..
You travel through the desert and discover a magnificent oasis
This is the tent of the sultan of Jaan. They are clearly modeled after Middle Eastern cultures. Two guards won't let you in into a harem with the sultan's wife! But... there is only one?..
There are several tapestries hanging in different parts of the game's world. Going through some of them might lead you to... weird places
You've discovered an entire city beneath a city - the underworld of Tyr. The architecture is quite different here, indeed...
The Veiled Alliance Headquarters. This will be your home base for much of the game
Another day, another weird portal, and some very weird dialogue...
There are a few letters and books to be found in the game. This here is an example
You'll be sometimes attacked right in the city center. Note my archery skills!..
Exploring the Pyramid of Kalak. Fighting what looks like a beholder...
A major battle in an enchanted garden. I've summoned a water elemental to help!
No, there are no graphical errors here. These mages have cast entangling spells on the area. This scripted battle can get quite tough
You are exploring the Mines of Tyr. The manager seems to be a female half-giant...