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Darkside Story DOS Title screen


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Darkside Story Credits

20 people (15 developers, 5 thanks)


Produced bySonnori
Game DesignWonsool Lee (이원술)
무술지도 (Material Arts Guidance) Sanghyun Oh (오상현)
Main ProgramSanghyun Oh (오상현)
Sub ProgramJinkook An (안린국), Kwanhee Seo (Kwanny (과니))
GraphicsChankyu Park (박찬규), Wonsool Lee (이원술), Changkyun Roh (노창균)
IllustrationChangkyun Roh (노창균)
MusicSungjin Kim, Kyu Sung
Total ManagementSangChul Lee (이상철)
ManagementYoungshik Nam (남영식)
Special BarricadeMia, Jihyun Lee, Soonyoung Cha
Special ThanxJunhyuk Park, Taesuk Yun, Suk Kim, Kyuhwan Lee, Sungwoo Lee
Presented byDeniam

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