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Daryl F. Gates Police Quest: Open Season Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The opening and the title
Main menu
A screenshot from the floppy version of the game
LA map from the floppy version
Screenshot from the CD version, reshot in high resolution
The beginning and the first murder
Target practice
Drastic cases require drastic measures.
The unfortunate Mr Head - a macabre cameo by programmer Dave Artis?
Making a call
Just say no!
Gotta make a pit-stop for donuts!
Submitting evidence to S.I.D for a closer analysis.
Interrogating a 9 yr old suspect.
Time to hit on the widow!
Nice to know what the Backstreet Boys are up to.
Outta my way punk, I'm a cop.
Probably inspired by "Baby got Back".
I'm taking you in, Nazi be-otch.
Just your average rap video.
Taking a break at the bar with your buddies.
Cher? Judy Garland? Something shady must be going on in this record store...
You can play a game of asteroids in the bar.
"Investigating" the ladies at the local strip-club. Damn those low-res graphics!
Good god man! I know you are horny but you perform autopsies in that table!!
Crime is rising...(cut-scene)
Showdown at city hall
PQ's deaths are always a bummer.