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Daughter of Serpents Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Character generation, step 1: choose personality traits.
Step 2: Pick a profession.
Step 3: Distribute points on different skills.
Alexandria's calling! The adventure starts.
A scene from the intro: this is not the red-hats lucky day.
Making new aquaintances...
...and losing them again.
This ancient scroll triggers a lot of nasty events.
2000 years of silent rotting do unfavorable things to your skin.
This is the daughter of the serpent. Looks nice, though.
The inventory. The booklet to the right contains background information about egyptian history.
Ariadne watches in horror as the Efreet tears up her servant.
The same scene, two different plot branches: Exploring with Ariadne...
...and with inspector Cameron.
Even good old Cthulhu has a cameo...