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Death Gate Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Animated intro: mysterious figures...
...and cosmic cataclysms
The intro continues with some supportive text
The Nexus - the game's starting location
Conversation with Xar
Outside the castle
In front of the Tower of the Brotherhood
In the bar
Outside the secret cave
In limbo
Traveling through lava
In Telestia
Choose the magic spell you want to cast!
There are quite some books in Death Gate. Happy reading!
Talking to an elven prisoner. Guess political correctness is unknown in his country
Not nice, not nice. Humans are imprisoned by the elves. Ever heard of racial tolerance?
Haplo is quite the master thief. Listen to the sounds each action produces to get the correct combination
This machine was built by the Sartan. It's not hard to figure out that they are our descendants, possessing technological knowledge the other races have no idea of
Talking to a female dwarf. Nice portrait
This is your ship. You can navigate between the worlds (if you have the right rune), or fly around within the limits of the same world
The Sartan here are all dead. That's a creepy sight. What has happened here?
This world has plenty of trees. Navigating the "world map"
Interesting fauna, indeed...
Some people will join you and accompany you on your quest
Ladies and gentlemen... The ZIFNAB SHOW!!
The good old Sartan wizard, Zifnab. Comic relief at its best
Pipe-fixing puzzle. Much easier than it looks
Arrow-pushing puzzle. Thanks for offering hints, dear game!
You are now a dog! You see everything in monochrome. And you aren't much of a conversationalist, either
An unintentionally silly result...
Intro [MCGA]
Conversation tree [MCGA]
The Labyrinth Gate [MCGA]
Spellcasting interface [MCGA]