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antstream tournament
Written by  :  Peter Hall (150)
Written on  :  Dec 18, 1999
Platform  :  DOS
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Overhead racing at its finest.

The Good

It included high speed action, a very fast frame rate, incredible music and graphics, and an evil edge! The courses are well designed. The 3D overhead graphics will suck you in. It runs perfectly on my Pentium 75. The tracked mod music is great; I especially like the funky horn driven piece for the two "raceway like" tracks. Get the mines and a spiked bumper from the underground market when you can: they will aid in your destruction of the cars! Kill all of the cars for an added bonus from the Grim Reaper himself! Race Duke Nukem! Even Tommy Chong makes a guest appearance!

The Bad

Um, after thinking for 5 minutes, I still can't come up with anything...

The Bottom Line

The best and most fun way to play this game is to have a "kill all of the other cars" strategy.

antstream tournament