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Defense Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

This is the game's title screen
At the start of the game there are several setup screens like this one to determine how many people are playing, what controllers are being used and so on.
The game starts with the central blue man kicking the ball down the field from right to left.
The computer's team now has the ball on the 43 yard line.
After a failed scoring attempt the computer's team is making a break from the three yard line. The blue team moves across to tackle.
This is something tactical that every American will understand but which means nothing to me.
This is what "Calling a New Play" looks like on screen.
The computer must be cheating. The ball carrier has survived four attempted tackles and is now racing down the pitch. This is shown by keepingthis screen the same and changing the yardage.
There are penalties in this game.
This screen is shown when a touchdown is scored.