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Descent II: The Infinite Abyss Ad Blurbs (DOS)

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Advertising Blurbs

Press Release:

    Interplay Capitolizes on Success of Descent(TM) Descent(TM) II: THE Infinite Abyss Releases

    Irvine, California, November 15, 1996 -- In a move to leverage the continuing success of the Descent(TM) franchise, Interplay Productions announced today the release of Descent(TM) II: The Infinite Abyss, which utilizes the popular 360° 3-D Descent engine. Descent II: The Infinite Abyss combines new 3D accelerated versions of Descent II with an all-new game episode, The Vertigo Series, to intensify and expand the Descent world.

    "The success of Descent has been phenomenal," stated Craig Owens, marketing manager for Interplay. "We plan to carry on the momentum and provide gamers with more 360° action with the launch of this new title." Descent II: The Infinite Abyss provides gamers with a full array of stomach-churning action by combining the new accelerated S3 and Windows 95 version of Descent II with Descent II: The Vertigo Series and the Descent II Mission Builder.

    The Vertigo Series features twenty-two new Descent II levels which will plunge the player through sewers, rat mazes and cell farms filled with twelve new robot enemies. The Vertigo Series also features two new redbook audio tracks and modified artificial intelligence.

    The Descent II Mission Builder allows gamers to design and build their own 360° 3-D Descent II missions and features over a hundred expert tools and editing options, hidden features (energy drain, customized walls and triggers), and multi-tasking features which allow streamlined level building. The Descent II Mission Builder also includes a level converter and robot editor.

    For those gamers who already have Descent II in their software library, The Vertigo Series and Mission Builder may also be purchased separately on the Interplay website.

    Interplay's Descent franchise was launched in March of 1995 with the release of Descent, the first 360° 3-D first-person action arcade game, for the PC with the Macintosh and Sony PlayStationO versions following shortly thereafter. Subsequently, Interplay broadened the Descent franchise with the multiple-platform releases of Descent Levels Of The World, DescentO II and DescentO Anniversary Edition. Sales of the Descent franchise have topped seven million units worldwide and continue to grow.

    Descent II: The Infinite Abyss was developed by Parallax Software and produced by Interplay's Raphael Hernandez. Raphael Hernandez's other production credits at Interplay include Descent II and Descent for the PowerMac. Mr. Hernandez began his career in the interactive multimedia business at Interplay as a quality assurance tester and has worked his way up through the development ranks. Available on CD-ROM, Descent II: The Infinite Abyss will run on any 486-DX50 or faster with DOS 5.0 or later and at least 8Mb RAM (16Mb and a Pentium 60 if running under Windows 95). A double-speed CD-ROM drive, hard drive installation, and a Sound Blaster compliant sound card (Direct X compliant if running under Windows 95) are required.

    Contributed by skl (1141) on Feb 22, 2004.

Back of Box:
    The megahit Descent II sent you over the edge into 360 pounding sensory insanity. Warped to the furthest edge of the Zeta Aquilae System, you go hurtling down into 30 all new enemy-filled alien mines. In the dark twisting tunnels you battle the enemy robots for total control, fighting to penetrate the alien base and destroy their robot stronghold in a relentless wave of destruction.

    Your trusty Guide Bot races ahead through the deadly maze, scouting out the precious orbs, tools and powerups you need to complete your mission. But you're up against a slew of enemy robots armed with powerful weapons, fighting to steal your ammo and suck your energy dry.

    Now Descent II: The Infinite Abyss intensifies the insanity, launching you on a headlong plunge into mind-bending 3D destruction with the all-new Vertigo Series. After you defeat the legendary 30 levels of Descent II, embark upon 22 all new smashing Vertigo Series levels. With 12 new robots and 2 new Bosses set to take you down, you'll need every trick of the trade to survive.

    Bend your mind the infinite possibilities for destruction as you blast your way through the ultimate Descent.

    Award winning Descent II:

    Accelerated 3D version for Windows 95. 8 player network with real-time camera lets you set up surveillance spy-cams. Get them before they get you! Plunge down 30 levels in 6 different worlds, including Water, Fire, Ice and the Alien Base. Battle 30 highly intelligent robot enemies, including the evil Thief Bot. Arm yourself with 10 deadly weapons, including the deadly Helix and Gauss Cannons. Spin 360 in fluid 3D motion - the amazing Descent experience that's still unmatched!

    The New Vertigo Series:

    12 new robot enemies including 2 deadly new Bosses, each with their own distinct intelligence and behavior patterns that can track you down wherever you go. 22 new levels, including Sewers, Rat Mazes and Cell Farms. All new "Hoard" multiplayer game. Pulsing new soundtrack.

    Descent II Mission Builder, Level Converter and Robot Editor:

    Create your own harrowing levels with the easy to use Mission Builder utility. Convert your favorite Descent I levels to Descent II levels and vice versa. Customize the enemy robots with any textures you can imagine.

    Contributed by Kiki (86) on Aug 04, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    Embark upon 22 all new smashing Vertigo Series levels. With 12 new robots and 2 new Bosses set to take you down, you'll need every trick of the trade to survive.

    Contributed by Cochonou (1095) on Mar 16, 2000.